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Such an event could be very dangerous to the equipment, the workers in the area and the environment, depending on what the substance moving through the hydraulic system is. The liquids and gases that pass through hydraulic valves such as solenoid valves depend on the context; they can range from thick liquids such as oil in petroleum refineries to various gases in chemical processing plants to thin liquids like water in a water treatment plant. Read More…

Hydraulic Solenoid Valves Hydraulic valves hold and transfer the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system. The most common genre is the hydraulic control valves, which monitor how much of the liquid flow is going through what chambers at once, ensuring that there is no overflow or leakage.
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Since 1912, Fulflo Specialties has been providing "chatter free" products that modulate to regulate pressure. The company is able to provide customers with an extensive line of parts, which can mount in any position.

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Our industrial fluid power hydraulics division manufactures in-line hydraulic relief valves, in-line hydraulic check valves, in-line hydraulic flow control valves, in-line pressure reducing valves, hydraulic solenoid valves plus manual, modular, reciprocating and directional proportional valves.

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We have a rich history that leads back over 50 years. Our hydraulic valves appear in many industries, including solar and wind power, entertainment, machine tooling, food manufacturing, automotive, and many more. We take pride in our ability to go where no one else will. Find out more by contacting us today!

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Brand Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic valves including hydraulic directional control valves, hydraulic flow control valves, hydraulic relief valves, hydraulic selector valves, shuttle valves, pilot check valves, flow dividers and more. Brand also has a line of quality hand-operated hydraulic pumps. Premium hydraulics since 1956.

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Many materials may be used to produce control valves, although certain metals and plastics are better for some industries then others. For example, a thermoplastic such PVC is going to be cheaper then a metal valve, but will only be appropriate for applications that do not require extreme corrosive resistance. Metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, which are very flexible and lightweight are ideal for most applications, although occasionally a heavier and sturdier metal, such as iron, is required.

Hydraulic solenoid valves are electrically operated devices that control the flow of liquids. Hydraulic solenoid valves are made from wire coil and a movable plunger that is set against the coil. They are used for the remote control of valves for directional control of liquids.

Hydraulic solenoid valves have two main parts: the solenoid and the valve. The solenoid, which is a wire coil, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When the wire coil receives a current, a magnetic field acts upon the plunger, which results in the opening or closing of the valve. As well as being a subcategory of hydraulic control valves, solenoid valves are also directly related to electric hydraulic valves.

These electric valves are computer controlled and therefore require no manual interference once they are set-up, which is why they are often utilized in hard to reach systems. Unlike solenoid valves, which may be encased in a square house but are not always, electric valves protect their inner electronics thus.

Hydraulic solenoid valves specifically can be made of a variety of materials, including brass, stainless steel and polypropylene. Solenoid valves are compact and reliable. They can be found in components utilized for various aerospace, automobile, military and construction uses.

They are also found in basic everyday items, such as controlling the water going in and out of the drum of a washing machine and being involved in the irrigation systems that bring water into houses in the city and suburbs.

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