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Hydraulic valves are simple devices designed to control the transfer, flow, velocity and pressure of fluids within a system. Each one has a main casing, a bonnet or panel for repairs, a seat and a disc. The specific configuration of these components determines the use of the valve. Hydraulic check valves prevent backflow, a potentially serious threat to engines and other hydraulic systems, while hydraulic control valves maintain proper levels of pressure within the system or engine compartment. Each of these has become an essential feature of the fuel injection systems that have all but replaced carburetors as the primary fuel delivery system for most modern engines. The science of it is simple. A leaky valve causes imprecise fuel injections. Imprecise input results in imprecise engine efficiency which in turn decreases optimal operation.

To improve and ensure the proper operation of these valves, most companies have turned to the use of electric hydraulic valves. These devices are remotely controlled and use high-tech sensors which determine the precise amount of fluid which must be permitted to pass through the valve into the combustion chamber for optimum engine operation. In hydraulic manifolds, or systems that use a number of valves in conjunction with one another, this means that the lift and timing of each valve opening and closure can be fully controlled independently of each other and of other cylinders during a single engine stroke. Such direction allows for immense improvements especially when feedback sensors reliably compute the overall functionality of the valve system. The use of these valves and corresponding sensors and intelligent controls can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10% offering significant savings and improved efficiency.

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